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Least I think thats what it is…

Straight Up


It’s cacti, baby.

Tom Does MySpace


This ones a bit different than the norm for this site. It’s my cat Tom, and the picture looks like it was taken for MySpace. Lol

A Flower


Not much else to say. I’m not good at coming up with names for Flowers, sorry.

Open Waters


= Manatees! (not in ohio, mind you)

(by me, I’ll note when it’s by a guest)

Submit your own!

Hey guys, I’m looking to add Diversity (aka an old wooden ship, used in the civil war era) to this site. So yeah, if you guys wanna send in pictures that YOU took, I’ll look them over and probably end up posting them. Just email me at

You can send in 12, you can send in 1, you can send them in un-optimized for the Eee, whatever is fine.


Just Around the Riverbend


Quite literally, actually.